How to Raise a Man

The Modern Mother's Guide to Parenting her Teenage Son

What is this course?

How to Raise a Man is an online course based on my best-selling book, published by Penguin (South Africa) and Hatchett (Australia). 

This self-elect Teachable course is based on my tried and tested Strong Mothers-Strong Sons course which has already helped hundreds of mothers worldwide for 17 years.

This course is designed for mothers of teenage sons, who want to heal family dynamics and connect authentically with their sons. Yet any parent, grandparent or therapist of a teenage boy will benefit. I am always willing to share this work with parents willing to begin the conscious parent journey – what a gift you are to your sons!

Let’s enjoy this journey of mothering together as we strive to be wise teachers, as well as humble students, of our children.

When does it begin?

You can start anytime and go at your own pace. Complete it in two days, or take your time. Once you enroll, you will have three months to complete the videos, the reading required and the worksheets.

Who is Megan de Beyer?

I am an integrative psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field. My combined backgrounds in psychotherapy, ecology, and eastern philosophy inform a unique approach of creating symbiotic connections for the purpose of holistic emotional healing.

One of my great passions is helping mothers thrive on their parenting journey – by doing inner work, first. This passion inspired my best-selling book, How to Raise a Man: A Modern Mother’s Guide to Parenting her Teenage Son.

I also embody a strong connection to the greatest mother of all – Mother Earth. Using knowledge of spiritual ecology, ecopsychology, and biomimicry, I run wellness retreats aimed at solidifying the bond between the individual and the wild.

Overall, my conscious living philosophy is the foundation of my healing work. I strive to exemplify three fundamental pillars of healing – radical tenderness, passionate kindness, and inner peace.

Course Curriculum

There are six main topics, plus a bonus video. Every topic has practices and worksheets to complete.

Topics Covered

1. Role of a Mother

  • How to parent a teenage boy.
  • Your role and dad’s as you navigate the teen years.
  • Tackling the effects of Covid & increased screen time.

2. Who is this boy?

  • Understanding adolescence.
  • Understanding identity.
  • Understanding masculinity.
  • Understanding neurology of a teenager.

3. Conscious Parenting

  • What is conscious parenting?
  • How conscious parenting applies to teenage sons.
  • Setting parent intentions.
  • Discover your family’s values and how they can be a guide to you.

4. Role of Emotions

  • Your emotions, his emotions, and how to regulate them.
  • How to encourage a boy’s inner life and emotional intelligence.
  • Dealing with anger.

5. Social life & Substances

  • Why teens use and abuse alcohol & drugs.
  • Tips on how to manage teenage alcohol & drug use.

6. Communication

  • How to establish compassionate care and emotional support.
  • How to solve problems together.
  • Conscious communication worksheets.

7. Bonus

  • Real mother’s issues Q&A.

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days after you enroll
  Role of a Mother
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  Who is this Boy? Understanding Adolescence
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  Conscious Parenting
Available in days
days after you enroll
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  Substances & Social Life
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  Communication & Social Media
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"I benefitted greatly from the course. It really empowered me but more importantly I came away with a great sense of calm and confidence that I could effect a change in my relationship with my son. My behaviour could make a difference even if it was a very small change. Above all the assurance that my son needed me no matter what was hugely reassuring."


"Thank you for a wonderful and informative course. It was just what I needed to wake up to the fact that my son is a young man with his own identity, and has changed the way I respond to him. I look forward to the next few years with him and I feel more equipped and strengthened to navigate through these teenage years."


"I liked that its an instant help for a mother raising a boy. Loads of thoughtful exercises Made me look at myself as a mum to a boy. My understanding of my son has improved."